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Starting Microstock Photography

2 December 2007 No Comment
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I have just started submitting my pictures to microstock agencies. I am still in a very initial stage of learning what is accepted and what is not. It looks like an interesting experience and, certainly, a way to improve technical aspects of my photography.

After two weeks of efforts, I have a small portfolio of between 10 and 20 pictures in five microstock agencies and a few sales at iStock. My plan is to develop a set of 100-200 pictures in micro stock before deciding whether I really want to proceed further. Generally, I am more oriented towards a fine art photography. Some say that shooting for a stock is addictive.

Every microstock agency has a discussion forum and technical articles providing a lot of information. In addition, I have found the following sites and blogs very useful:
Selling Your Photos. Microstock: Curse or Blessing?
Microstock Diaries. For Photographers Selling Photos in the Microstock Market
Microstock Group – A meeting place for microstock photographers

I will write about my observations and experience in the microstock photography market. Here are affiliate links to five microstock sites. They should lead to my portfolio or profile.


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