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Speedlinking for Microstock Photography, September 17, 2009

17 September 2009 No Comment

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My recent on line reading on microstock photography:

Story of Small Microstock Success – Part 1, 2, and 3

by Saniphoto

I am not here to tell a ‘success story’ as can be the ones of Yuri Arcurs, Lise Gagne or Andres Rodriguez, or many others famous top microstock stars. I am trying to testify that anybody can reach a decent success in stock photography (as in life!) with a little patience, hard work, will to learn, lot of passion and dedication.

Saniphoto portfolio at Dreamstime

The Continuing Challenge: RM, RF or Micro?

by John Lund, Stock Photographer

I am in stock photography for the money, for the freedom and for the fulfillment of creating images that I want to create. Most of the stock photos that I make require a lot of work to think up, hours of Photoshop work to complete, and a fair amount of capital investment to produce. I know from experience that some of these images can earn just as much in RF as in RM.

Are You a Quality Microstocker Or a Quantity Microstocker?

Microstock Diaries

Most microstockers figure out the relationship between quality and quantity early in their careers. All microstock superstars certainly did. Success in microstock requires that you learn how to consistently create high quality (high selling) stock photos before you increase your volume of production.

If you want to be a quality microstocker, you need to get your RPI consistently up above $1.

Well, my recent RPI (return per image) is recently around $0.70, but it is growing. I calculate RPI in reference to my entire portfolio, i.e., all my pictures produced for microstock including rejected or not submitted ones.

Find Your Niche in Microstock

36 clicks on stock

It’s splattered all over the various forums of microstock agents: If you want to be successful in stock, build a large portfolio. Aim for a versatile collection of images, as that ensures a wide spread interest from buyers, designers, and such, and thus realises sales and generates revenues. All very well intended opinions, shared by the big names in microstock.

Is Microstock Still for Hobbyst Photographers ?

Microstock Experiment

Competition is fierce in the microstock industry not only between agencies but also between photographers. In this article, I will try to answer the following questions: who is responsible of lowering or raising barriers of entry for hobbyst microstockers and is there a scope for them to make some money?

My latest stock photos on Dreamstime Stock Photography Community

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