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Return per Image from Microstock Photography – Year by Year Comparison

18 August 2012 2 Comments

Here is an update and another view of Return per Image (RPI) from my microstock photography. I calculate RPI in reference to the total number of images in my microstock portfolio, so I can add RPIs from different agencies and present a total RPI here.

I started microstock photography in the end of 2007 year. Any statistics for 2008, my first full year in microstock, are not reliable due to a small portfolio. However, next three years show systematic increase of RPII. Right now in July/August of 2012, my RPI experiences a serious summer dip. Will it recover? Will it go up?

During recent months I practically worked full time on microstock. Now, I am getting busy with other projects not related to photography. My microstock will be running mostly on autopilot with very limited submission of mew pictures for the next half of year or so. It will be interesting to check how my RPI will look in 2013.

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