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Microstock Photography Speedlinking – Tips, Tricks and Advice

22 December 2007 No Comment

I am building my stock portfolio, submitting pictures, experimenting, learning and dealing with rejections. I am also searching the web for all possible resources on how to sell photographs through microstock agencies. Here are links to my recent reading with more general tips and advice.

Microstock Photographer’s Guide
by Rasmus Rasmussen, iStockPhoto photographer and inspector. 14 articles or rather chapters of a book.

I am in the process of writing the first draft of a guide for people, who want to get started as contributing members of microstock sites. I focus on iStockphoto.com in particular, where I sell my own work exclusively and work as an image inspector and admin, though I do aim to give general advice, usable on any microstock site. The target audience is not professional photographers, but rather those who know the basics of how a camera works, and would like make a little money off of it.

How to Get Accepted as a Microstock Contributor
from Microstock Diaries.

I’m an amateur photographer and when I first started I had very little experience. I had to work harder than most to get through the process. I was rejected 3 times at iStockphoto, rejected twice at Shutterstock and rejected once at StockXpert. Here’s some advice from these experiences.

How to take photos which sell: Making the most of your subject
from LockStockPhotography.com

In Microstock Photogaphy, to sell photos online, every effort should be made to ensure each of your photos is the most appealing, best representation of your subject possible. The digital photographer should be able to manipulate ‘most’ photos to look substantially better than the subject itself in real life. The difference between a good photo and a Great photo is hundreds of dollars.

Ten Tips for Getting Started in Stock Photography

Six Tips for Making Money in Stock Photography

Microstock ABC. Guide to sell your pictures online
by Lev Dolgachov, one of microstock industry top-performers, selling over 120.000 pictures a year

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