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Microstock Photography Earnings – September 2009

1 October 2009 12 Comments

I got more busy with microstock shooting in September and added 77 pictures to my portfolio. However, the September results are somewhat mixed. BME in iStock and Fotolia, a not bad performance of Shutterstock and Dreamstime, but my smaller players went down. I increased my earnings by 8% in comparison to August, but I hoped for better results after summer slow time. Well, actually August was pretty good for me.

IS and SS provided 74% of my microstock income. Adding DT and FT makes almost 89%. This is my big 4 or rather 2+2.

microstock photography earnings september 2009

Microstock earnings and payments from September 2008 to September 2009

iStock. BME, but a smaller growth than in last months, #1 with almost 44% of my microstock income. A new weekly upload limit of 20 pictures due to a silver canister level makes my uploading more comfortable and and allows to resubmit some old files. 61 new pictures added. $0.99/download.

Shutterstock. A better performance than in August, but still well below the April or June. 67 new pictures added, $0.43/download.

DreamsTime. Performance close to July BME. 59 new pictures added, $0.86/download.

Fotolia. BME duet to 5 ELs. 50 new pictures added, $0.94/download.

StockXpert. Unfortunately going down after 3 months of good performance (-33%). Photos.com and JupiterImages subscriptions provided more than 60% of earnings.

Veer. I uploaded most of my portfolio. My acceptance rate is above 80%, however, they rejected practically all my best selling pictures as not suitable for stock. Nevertheless, it looks promising.

Big Stock Photo. Slow, but steady.

123rf. Usual low, but steady earnings.

CanStockPhoto. Low! No big sales from PhotoSearch.

Featurepics. 1 small sale. Will I ever reach a payout here?

agency portfolio size downloads (EL) earnings % earnings RPI


908 572 $565.78 46.1% 0.623


1429 791 $339.64 27.7% 0.238


1130 123 $105.30 8.6% 0.093


942 84 (5) $78.55 6.4% 0.083


1388 121 $45.4 3.7% 0.033


845 8 $32.8 2.7% 0.039

Big Stock Photo

1330 43 $30.00 2.5% 0.023


1341 26 $20.9 1.7% 0.016


1278 11 $5.45 0.4% 0.004


1405 1 $2.50

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