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Microstock Photography Earnings – October 2009

1 November 2009 No Comment

October was quite successful for my microstock photography. I added 80 pictures to my portfolio. Sales are still growing: BMEs for most of agencies, $1478 in total sales, $250 more than in September. iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Dreamstime provided 80% of earnings. My RPI (return per image taking into account the entire microstock portfolio) was up to $0.84 in comparison to $0.73 in September and $0.71 in August.

microstock earnings october 2009

Microstock earnings and payments from October 2008 to October 2009

iStock. BME and #1 with 42% of my microstock income. 59 new pictures added. $0.92/download – lower than in September due to increasing number of Xsmall downloads within $0.20-0.30 range. I guess I am producing pictures for bloggers.

Shutterstock. BME. 71 new pictures added reaching 1500 files, $0.50/download (1 EL and 14% from “on demand downloads”). However, last 6 months in SS were rather disappointing. In October I made only $34 more than 6 months ago in April despite of “feeding the beast” regularly, adding 387 new pictures and jumping to higher payment rate during that period. Before April 2009 I had almost a year of constant growth in SS.

DreamsTime. BME. 52 new pictures added, $0.85/download. It is getting more and more difficult to get my pictures accepted there (too similar …, lack of concept …).

StockXpert. BME. A great performance with 70% of sales still coming from Jupiterimages and Photos.com. The last good month?

Fotolia. Slightly lower earnings than in September. 44 new pictures added, $0.90/download.

123rf. BME with $44.50 (more than double September earnings). I started to rotate pictures in my “favorite” collection. A coincident?

Big Stock Photo. Slow, but steady. No significant change from the previous month.

CanStockPhoto. Just one big sale from PhotoSearch and a few smaller.

Panthermedia. I started to upload my pictures in the beginning of this year. I have 550+ pictures in the portfolio and almost 100 waiting for inspection. I just reached the 2nd payout.

Veer. $16 from 12 sales. I have uploaded my entire portfolio there.

Featurepics. $12 from 4 sales. Finally, I reached my first payout of $50 after 2 years …

I am one month short of completing my 2 years with microstock. I will be posting more statistics and comments in next few weeks.

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