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Microstock Photography Earnings: October 2008

1 November 2008 No Comment

I was really busy with shooting and contributing to microstock portfolio in October. My average portfolio grew up from 392 pictures in September to 466 (18.8% increase): 62 new pictures in iStock, 98 in Shutterstock, 70 in Dreamstime. However, my total earnings with 503 downloaded pictures ($0.54 per picture) went up only 12.5% in comparison to September. No ELs in October.

I reached several milestones in October:

iStock performance was fantastic in October, but … only for the first 3 weeks. The last week went almost without sales. Overall earnings were slightly higher than in the previous month, but I am concerned about the future of my IS portfolio.

I got a very nice growth of earnings from Dreamstime which clearly took the #3 position. SS, IS, and DT provided 79% of my microstock earnings.

It was not so bad month for Fotolia despite the fact that I managed to add there just half of my pictures accepted by SS.

There were no more sales in Featurepics despite my efforts to promote that portfolio across my blogs, e.g, Old Wooden Scoop … or Bent Shaft Paddle and Outrigger Canoe.

agency portfolio size downloads (EL) earnings % earnings



336 $94.48 37.4%


414 73 $73.88 29.3%


429 28 $31.02 12.3%


359 22 $18.63



522 21

15.20 6.0%


508 11 $10.33 4.1%

Big Stock Photo

479 12 $9.00 3.6%


507 0 $0.00


I am getting close to one year in microstock phtoography. I will be posting more analysis of my portfolio and efforts trying to figure out: Can I make any real money from microstock?

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Anybody else?

My latest stock photos on Dreamstime Stock Photography Community

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