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Microstock Photography Earnings: November 2008

1 December 2008 No Comment

My first 12 months with microstock photography! I will be writing more about my experience, achieved goals and what I have learned, but for now I am just posting my regular earnings report.

My average portfolio grew up in November from 466 to 546 pictures (17% increase) and my total earnings went up by 16%. I calculate size of portfolio for reporting purposes as an average from 7 agencies where I have any sales. This average portfolio is dragged down by Fotolia with notoriously low acceptance rate (50% or lower).

I have 3 agencies (SS, DT, BSP) going up in November and 4 going down (IS, FT, SXP, 123RF). The earnings from the last 4 sites went down by 17% despite of the downloads number going up by 4%. Much more sales in small and X-small sizes, especially, at iStock. No ELs in November.

The following 4 agencies provide 88% of my microstock income:

1. Shutterstock. 100 new pictures added, downloads – 14% up, earnings – 42% up.

2. iStock. 36 new pictures added, downloads – 7% down, earnings – 16.5% down.

3. Dreamstime. 93 new pictures added, downloads – 36% up, earnings – 23% up.

4. BigStockPhoto. 90 new pictures added, downloads – 83% up, earnings – 160%

November was a good month in receiving actual payments from microstock agencies. I got my first payments from SXP and 123RF.

agency portfolio size downloads (EL)

earnings % earnings


649 386 $134.71 45.8%


450 68 $61.68 21.0%


522 38 $38.09 13.00%


404 18 $15.22 5.2%


622 25 12.90 4.4%


612 11 $7.78 2.7%

Big Stock Photo

569 22 $23.5 8.0%



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