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Microstock Photography Earnings – February 2009

1 March 2009 3 Comments

Great month in microstock! First time I made more than $500 in earnings. 46% increase in comparison to January. BME in Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia and StockXpert.

I managed to increase my average microstock portfolio from 698 to 776: 94 new pictures in SS, 77 in DT, and 46 in IS. So, my submissions were a little bit lower than in January.

microstock earnings Februay 2009

Microstock earnings and payments from February 2008 to Febraury 2009

The most notable feature of February was a revival of my iStock earnings. Even without that one EL the growth would be impressing. I wonder if iStock earnings will stay in that level.

123RF was the only agency with decreased earnings in February. Also, no sales in Featurepics.

In December I made an experiment and was submitting my pictures to Crestock. 10% acceptance rate! I managed to get accepted 22 pictures before I gave up. I had one sale in February: $0.25.

February was my 15th month in microstock with $3012 of total earnings.

agency portfolio size downloads (EL)

earnings % earnings


909 689 $260.49 47.8%


580 92 (1) $131.92 24.2%


749 61 $56.70 10.1%


599 43 $33.20 6.1%


887 82 $30.30 5.6%

Big Stock Photo

837 26 $23.00 4.2%


872 15 $9.30 3.1%


892 0 $0 0.0%


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