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Microstock Photography Earnings – December 2008

1 January 2009 5 Comments

December is traditionally a slow month for microstock industry. However, I managed to keep the same level of my earnings as in November despite of my wrist surgery. I increased my average portfolio by 49 pictures only.

Number of downloads in iStock, Shutterstock and Dreamstime was much lower in December than in November, but two extended licenses (SS and IS) rescued my savings.

Shutterstock is providing now more than 50% of my microstock income. I experienced a plaque of rejections from SS during the entire of December mostly due to “low commercial value” of my pictures any other than isolated products. These were all similar pictures to my bestselling ones. I managed to get accepted most of them, but it meant more work and extra frustration when working with SS. New reviewers? Policy change?

I stopped including Featurepics in my reports, but I got one sale in December – 4 sales overall during the last year …

agency portfolio size downloads (EL)

earnings % earnings


711 331 (1) $149.79 51.0%


481 54 (1) $66.81 22.7%


569 31 $27.28 9.3%


465 24 $16.49 5.6%


683 17 $14.10 4.8%


683 18 $11.51 3.9%

Big Stock Photo

641 7 $6.00 2.0%


645 1 $2.10 0.7%


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Anybody else?

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