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Microstock Photography Earnings – August 2009

4 September 2009 No Comment

I spent much less time on microstock in August than usual. I added only 40+ pictures to my portfolio. Nevertheless, I reached to important milestones at iStockphoto and Shutterstock, and a new BME in total earnings.

microstock photography earnings

Microstock earnings and payments from August 2008 to August 2009

iStock. BME, a steady growth during last 6 months, #1 with almost 50% of my microstock income. I reached the silver canister level in August (2500 downloads) and my weekly uploading limit increased from 15 to 20 pictures. I have a chance to resubmit some old pictures now. 22 new pictures added. $1.03/ download.

Shutterstock. A better performance than in July, but still well below the April or June. I reached $3000 total earnings in August, so my payment rate increased from $0.33 to $0.36 for subscriptions and from $2.48 to $2.70 for on-demand pictures. 33 new pictures added.

DreamsTime. ~15% down from July earnings. 30 new pictures added.

Fotolia. Better performace than in July which was pretty bad. 22new pictures added.

StockXpert. BME, still going strong with a lot of contributions from from Photos.com and JupiterImages subscriptions. Reviews and payments seems to take much longer time than it used be …

123rf. Slow!

Big Stock Photo. Better than in July.

CanStockPhoto. Earnings seem to stay on the same level: one big sale through PhotoSearch and a few $0.30 subscription sales. 2nd payout.

Featurepics. 2 small sales … Will I reach my first payout this year?

Veer. Almost 500 pictures accepted. My acceptance rate is above 80%, however, they rejected practically all my best selling pictures as not suitable for stock.

The 3D Studio. Some photographers reported pretty good sales there. I uploaded 100+ pictures: thousands of views, zero sales.

agency portfolio size downloads (EL) earnings % earnings RPI


847 529 545.51 48.2% 0.644


1362 582 271.34 24.0% 0.199


1071 107 $92.25 8.1% 0.086


1315 143 $67.80 6.0% 0.052


892 73 $56.30 5.0% 0.063

Big Stock Photo

1260 28 $37.00 3.3% 0.029


1201 19 $26.75 2.4% 0.022


1274 28 $16.69 1.5% 0.013


497 9 $14.65 1.3% 0.030


1333 2 $9.00 0.7%

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