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Microstock Photography Earnings – April 2009

1 May 2009 No Comment

April was a good month for my microstock photography – 22% increase of earnings in comparison to March. BME in Shuterstock, iStock (the last two weeks were great), Dreamstime, Fotolia, and 123RF. I managed to increase my average microstock portfolio from 859 to 942: 106 new pictures in SS, 70 in DT, and 46 in IS.

microstock earnings April 2009

Microstock earnings and payments from April 2008 to April 2009

Microstock portfolio growth

Microstock portfolio growth from November 2007 to April 2009

Shutterstock. ~50% of earnings. BME with 3 ELs, but the actual number of downloads was lower than in March. I see more and more older pictures in my sales as illustrated by my recent analysis.

iStock. BME. Last two weeks were very good. Effect of Best Match 2.0 ?

DreamsTime. BME. Still on the 3rd place due to several sales in the last day of the month. Increased number of rejections: Too many shots of the same item or from the same series. Unfortunately for me, a scoop of rice and a scoop of wheat or other grain is the same subject according to DT inspectors.

Fotolia. BME. The same high rate of rejections as usual, but much better sales. It is my smallest portfolio, except IS.

StockXpert. A little lower earnings than in March. 57% from subscriptions.

123rf. BME. They usually accept everything, but, recently, requested a property release for my watercolor painted backgrounds. A complement? Am I getting recognized as an artist? Or just silly inspector?

Big Stock Photo. Earnings lower than in March, but sufficient for my monthly $30+ payout.

CanStockPhoto. I uploaded most of my pictures there, but so far I have got only a few $0.30 subscription sales.

Featurepics. No sales.

Panthermedia. I started to upload some of my microstock pictures two months ago. Submission is quite time consuming and sometimes doesn’t work. ~70% acceptance rate. 290 pictures online. So far, 2 sales, ~14 euros total.

agency portfolio size downloads (EL) earnings % earnings


1113 683(3) $363.54 48.1%


675 153 $170.01 22.5%


897 74 $61.81 8.2%


735 60 $49.49 6.6%


1038 97 $44.70 5.9%


1203 40 $31.67 4.2%

Big Stock Photo

1038 34 $31.00 4.1%


941 9 $3.15 0.4%

April was my 17th month in microstock with $4386 of total earnings.

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