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5 Months and a Scoop of Muesli to Reach First Payment from StockXpert

31 October 2008 No Comment

StockXpert portfolio - pepita papaya muesli

In my previous post I presented the scoop project in my microstock photography.
It happens that one of these pictures, a scoop of my favorite cereal, pepita-papaya muesli, just helped me to reach the first $50 payment from StockXpert.

I had a late start with StockXpert and started to sell pictures in that microstock site in May. This is what I wrote in my April 2008 earnings report:

A few days ago I got accepted by StockXpert after 4 failed applications “At the moment we are not looking for pictures as the ones you uploaded”. I got tired with typing my bio and info over and over again. So, I just wrote “please visit my website to see my photography and microstock earnings.” Maybe, that worked, because I didn’t really change my pictures.

In September, StockXpert provided 6.7% of my earnings with 417 picture portfolio. Earnings in October are staying at the same level.

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