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First $100 Earnings from My iStockphoto Portfolio

22 March 2008 No Comment

You can find many enthusiastic articles on the web “How to make a few extra bucks from microstock photography.” It is not so difficult to sell a few pictures and make a few dollars, but to get paid any money from this business is a different story. You need to reach a certain earnings balance to receive a payment. This minimum varies between $30 and $100 in different agencies. See Show Me the Money! at Microstock Diaries for a review.

For beginners it is important how long it may take to reach the first payment. Here is some useful statistics: Date of 1st Payout From Stock Sites together with “Date of 100th Download From Stock Sites”.

I have just reached a milestone in my microstock photography – the first $100 from iStock portfolio. It took me almost 4 months and 81 downloads from 119 picture portfolio. It was also hard work and a lot of learning.


Cleaned sewage flowing out from a water reclamation facility, one of my industrial shots. This is a picture which crossed the $100 line at iStock, It is also selling well at Shuterstock, but was declined by Fotolia due “type of photograph” and by Dreamstime due to “lack of composition.”

The water reclamation facility is near Environmental Learning Center and old Rigden farm in Fort Collins which is usually a real goal of my shooting.

scoop of roasted pistachios

A scoop of roasted pistachios is a real hero this month in my iStock portfolio. This picture got an extended license worth $21 in my earnings.

How are my pictures doing in other microstock agencies? Shutterstock – $43.25, 94 downloads, 69 files (after just 2 weeks), Dreamstime – $22.90, 23, 113, Fotolia $19.81, 27, 122 (after ~3 months). Other agencies (Big Stock Photo, 123RF, Lucky Oliver, Featurepics: just a few dollars or nothing.

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