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[1 Aug 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Summertime! Earnings from Microstock Photography in July 2009

Summertime and microstock sales are slow. I added 61 new pictures to my portfolio in July, but my earnings dropped down by 9%. My RPI was down from 0.70$/image to 0.61. This is my total RPI derived using the number of all my pictures prepared for microstock (not pictures accepted in any particular agency).

IS continued to climb and is definitely my #1 earner. DT was also growing. SXP stayed at the same level despite of uncertain future of that agency. Earnings from SS with only one EL dropped down by 25%. FT experienced even more dramatic decrease in earnings.

July was my 20th month in microstock with $7215 of total earnings.

This month my earning report is shorter than usual since I am just leaving for a week of vacations away of computer and submissions to microstock. I will be paddling in the Missouri River 340 race – 360 miles nonstop from Kansas City to St Charles. This year I am taking Surfrigger, my outrigger canoe, for the race.

I will try to shoot some travel oriented pictures for stock when driving from Colorado across Kansas to Missouri and back. However, during the race I will have only my “paddling” camera, waterproof Pentax Optio W30, so I would be shooting mostly for my Paddling with a Camera blog.

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[21 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
A Reverse Look at Microstock Sales from My iStock and Shutterstock Portfolios

Let’s take another look at my microstock earnings from iStock and Shutterstock. Time on a horizontal axis in the two pictures below has double meaning: time of uploading (submitting) pictures or time of downloading (sales).

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[31 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on 5 Months and a Scoop of Muesli to Reach First Payment from StockXpert | ]
5 Months and a Scoop of Muesli to Reach First Payment from StockXpert

In my previous post I presented the scoop project in my microstock photography.
It happens that one of these pictures, a scoop of my favorite cereal, pepita-papaya muesli, just helped me to reach the first $50 payment from StockXpert.

I had a late start with StockXpert and started to sell pictures in that microstock site in May. This is what I wrote in my April 2008 earnings report:

A few days ago I got accepted by StockXpert after 4 failed applications “At the moment we are not looking for …

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[27 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Scoop of Nuts, Grains, Beans, Seeds, Berries, … | ]
Scoop of Nuts, Grains, Beans, Seeds, Berries, …

“Scoop” is one of my recent and outgoing stock photography projects. I am shooting different grains, beans, berries and other stuff on a small, wooden, vintage looking scoop, isolated on a white background.

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