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[23 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on BigStockPhoto – End or New Beginning? | ]
BigStockPhoto – End or New Beginning?

Unexpected acquisition of BigStockPhoto by Shutterstock is discussed everywhere today on all microstock forums and blogs. So, I took a quick look at my portfolio performance at BSP.

I started to submit to BigStockPhoto in January 2008 and currently I have close 1300 pictures there. BSP provided 4.3% of my total earnings from microstock. I plotted my monthly earnings from the last 13 months below.

It is my regular graph of monthly earnings, but I removed iStockphoto and Shutterstock which provide together more than 70% of my income. We can better see how my portfolio is performing in lower income microstock agencies.

Earnings from BSP are low but steady and higher than from 123RF and CanStock. When their payout limit was $30 I was receiving regular monthly payment.

Is it the end of BigStockPhoto or new beginning? I will keep to submit my pictures.

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[17 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Speedlinking for Microstock Photography, September 17, 2009 | ]
Speedlinking for Microstock Photography, September 17, 2009

My recent on line reading on microstock photography

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[16 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
1000 Downloads from iStockphoto – Sticky Note Mind Map

A little milestone in my microstock photography: the 1000th download from my iStockphoto portfolio. I have 652 pictures online there after 16 months of submitting. My total earnings from iStock are $1,055.52 which makes just about $1 per sale.

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[1 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on Polaroid Transfers for Microstock? | ]

It was a time of intense experimenting and learning. I was trying to figure out which of my pictures can be accepted in microstock.

In particular, I wanted to test whether my Polaroid image transfers may be a stock material. These are pictures originally shot as 35 mm slides, and then transferred using 4×5 peel apart Polaroid film on watercolor paper. So, these images are by their nature noisy, grainy, blurry, imperfect, painterly and rather artistic

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[22 Dec 2007 | Comments Off on Microstock Photography Speedlinking – Tips, Tricks and Advice | ]

I am building my stock portfolio, submitting pictures, experimenting, learning and dealing with rejections. I am also searching the web for all possible resources on how to sell photographs through microstock agencies. Here are links to my recent reading with more general tips and advice.

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[2 Dec 2007 | Comments Off on Starting Microstock Photography | ]

I have just started submitting my pictures to microstock agencies. I am still in a very initial stage of learning what is accepted and what is not. It looks like an interesting experience and, certainly, a way to improve technical aspects of my photography.

After two weeks of efforts, I have a small portfolio of between 10 and 20 pictures in five microstock agencies and a few sales at iStock. My plan is to develop a set of 100-200 pictures in micro stock before deciding whether I really want to proceed further. Generally, I am more oriented towards a fine art photography. Some say that shooting for a stock is addictive.

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