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10,000 Downloads from iStockphoto

26 May 2010 6 Comments

I started my adventure with microstock photography with submitting pictures to iStockphoto in November 2007 and, later, to other agencies. Today, I just reached the golden canister level at iStock. The picture below crossed that milestone of 10,000 downloads.


Nowadays, iStock dominates my microstock sales providing more than 40% of earnings with a portfolio of ~1300 pictures.

I am getting more upload slots, 25 instead of 20 per week, which is nice. I don’t think that I am really ready to upload more pictures to iStock, but the process will be more convenient. I am not sure if there are any other benefits of reaching the gold level in my case, i.e., not an exclusive photographer.

Some milestones in my iStock performance during last 2 and half years:

November 15, 2007 my first picture online
March 4, 2008 100 images accepted and $50 earnings
March 22, 2008 first $100 of earnings and payout
June 10, 2008 250 downloads (bronze canister level)
September 30, 2008 500 downloads
April 16, 2009 1000 downloads, 653 pictures online
August 15, 2009 2500 downloads (silver canister level), 840 pictures online
May 25, 2010 10,000 downloads (gold canister level), 1303 pictures online

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