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$1000 in Earnings from Microstock Photography in June 2009

1 July 2009 4 Comments

I prepared 77 new pictures for microstock in June extending my total portfolio to 1492 pictures. It means that I am slowing down a little bit in shooting for microstock. Fortunately, I don’t see a summer slow down in my earnings. For the first time I reached more than $1000 of monthly earnings!

iStockphoto and Shutterstock provide 70% of my microstock earnings with IS moving to the first place. Adding income from Dreamstime makes almost 80% of earnings, so it’s clear where my focus should be.

I added back a column with RPI (return per image) to my earnings table below. However, my total RPI is calculated now using a total number of my microstock pictures, i.e., pictures prepared for microstock sitting in my computer. RPI = $0.70/image seems to be pretty low, but my goal is to increase that number. Keep in mind that my production costs are also really low.

Microstock earnings and payments from June 2008 to June 2009

iStock. BME. IS is returning to #1 position in my earnings . 45 new pictures added. $1.04/ download – better than in the previous month. 755 downloads left to reach the silver canister (2500 downloads).

Shutterstock. 3 EL. A better performance than in the previous month, but still below the April BME. 70 new pictures added. $362 left to reach my next milestone here, $3000 in total sales.

DreamsTime. BME. Good sales, but my effective acceptance rate dropped down below 50%, i.e., I am submitting selected pictures only, and they take only 64% from them. 38 new pictures added. “Too many shots of the same item or from the same series” is the rejection theme.

Fotolia. BME. My acceptance rate is improving slightly. They even accepted some of my backgrounds. 53 new pictures added.

StockXpert. BME. 40% came from Photos.com and JupiterImages subscriptions (more than 20% less than in May).

123rf. Slowly going down in earnings since April BME.

Big Stock Photo. BME. Review time is much faster since they introduced upload limits.

CanStockPhoto. One big sale through PhotoSearch and a few $0.30 subscription sales. I reached the first payout. Unfortunately, PayPal is charging a fee from their deposit.

Featurepics. 2 small sales …

Panthermedia. 400+ images in my portfolio. 1 sale in June. I reached the payout of 40+ euros with 4 sales. They sent it to PayPal. When it will arrive?

agency portfolio size downloads (EL) earnings % earnings RPI


773 357 $372.95 35.7% 0.482


1269 699(3) $360.28 34.5% 0.284


980 83 $91.40 8.8% 0.093


833 69 $65.06 6.2% 0.078


1222 115 $61.60 5.9% 0.050

Big Stock Photo

1163 45 $42.50 4.1% 0.037


1184 33 $24.05 2.3% 0.020


1106 10 $22.50 2.2% 0.020


1230 2 $4.20 0.4%

June was my 19th month in microstock with $6266 of total earnings.

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